Join the Pixidium Ambassador Program!

Are you an avid user of Pixidium, passionate about everything green and rewarding and eager to get more involved?
You are in luck: we are relaunching our Ambassador program and you can now apply to become one of our Ambassadors!

Join Pixidium Ambassadors Program

Following our system expansion, we have been busy renovating our Ambassador program and we are resuming to receive new Ambassador applications from all corners of the globe*! By joining our Program, you will get the chance to meet our internal teams, engage with like-minded professionals from all over the world, help our users learn about the benefits of Pixidium and receive exclusive perks!

Who are Pixidium Ambassadors?

Pixidium Ambassadors are passionate members of our community that support Pixidium vision in various ways, such as promoting the Pixidium ecosystem, providing feedback to improve Pixidium offerings, and assisting Pixidium users with questions and concerns. Our Ambassadors play a major role bridging Pixidium with all of its worldwide users!

As a Pixidium Ambassador

You are key to the growth of our online and offline community. Whether you are a social butterfly, a product guru, a language expert or just enjoy connecting with others online, we have a mission for you:


Engagement is at the heart of everything we do. Inspire engagement through conversations, articles, campaigns, and events - Nurture and grow the Community, one user at a time.


Champion the voice of Pixidium by sharing knowledge and creating brand affinity. As an Ambassador, you will also direct people to resources that increase Pixidium brand awareness worldwide.

Provide local insights

Actively listen and share real time trends and insights from your regional community to help Pixidium be locally relevant.

Educate and Empower

Foster and shape Pixidium presence in local markets by sharing best practices with our users that will help drive brand awareness and inspire community engagement.
Have a special talent? Chat with us to find a way you can use it to help expand the Pixidium Community.

Ambassador Program Perks

As an Ambassador, the more passionate you are, the more recognition you get: from recurring financial bonuses, to redeemable bonuses, access to features, discounts and gifts. What are you waiting for?

Join us as a Pixidium Ambassador now and find out! Apply Here!

* Except unsupported countries.
Bonus Coins

How to gain Bonus coins?

  • When user download the App they get xxxx number of free bonus coins added to their account
  • When Ambassadors complete the allocations assigned to you.
  • When you mine leaflets as a prospector.
  • When client upgrades to an annual insights package, the ambassadors who were linked to that particular campaign will receive a bonus.

Note: Bonuses on [insights upgrades] will be paid monthly and rolled over year on year given that the client is still a member and the Ambassador is still active with Pixidium.

Redeemable only when in app allocation job is completed.